Sustainability work

Sustainability work

The work at Storm is permeated by a sustainable approach with the ambition to inspire students and employees at Malmö University to create a positive impact on society.

Storm contributes to sustainable development at Malmö University by setting a good example, offering flexible and creative premises, and by offering knowledge, skills and support in relation to innovation and idea development. Storm also seeks to inspire and facilitate multidisciplinary collaborations in order to find new networks where people from different subject areas and backgrounds can take on real-world economic, social and/or environmental challenges.

Storm evaluates the content of its operations based on the UN’s 17 Global Goals For Sustainable Development, by highlighting them to Storms visitors and by organizing events linked to the goals. At Storm, we evaluate results not only from the height of innovation but also from a sustainability perspective.

Storm adheres to Malmö University’s policies, goals and strategies, but also strives to further develop them within Storm’s operations. This is, of course, to create a sustainable organization at Storm, but also to promote a sustainable work and study environment at Malmö University.

Environmental sustainability

From an environmental perspective, Storm works actively to minimize the environmental footprint within its own operations and also strives to inspire others to follow suit. One example of this is our focus on reducing the number and length of business trips by arranging our meetings and visits locally where there are good opportunities to use public transport but also to participate in, and make available, events through digital tools. Other examples are avoiding new purchases of furniture and other materials, finding new ways to recycle and sort our waste, and avoiding the use of disposable items.

Social sustainability

Storm’s operations are knowledge-intensive and depend on competent employees, which is why it is important to ensure continuous competence development. Gender equality and diversity is something that is prioritized both internally and in the activities carried out within the operation. Storm strives to be an open and inclusive workplace where it is important to counteract all forms of discrimination. At Storm we work to promote a creative and open-minded work environment, taking into account both the physical environment as well as organizational and social aspects.

Economic sustainability

Storm’s operations are financed by state taxes, which is important to remember in all decisions made. All Storm’s investments, both in the form of purchases of various kinds and the working hours spent, must be valued based on the benefits it brings. Storm takes responsibility for financial sustainability by acting long-term. This is done, among other things, by making business decisions, avoiding purchases that cannot be reused and by maintaining good relationships with key stakeholders.