Illustration av 5 olika personer som arbetar med Hoffice


Hoffice is an idea born out of freelancers need for a workplace to go to. At Storm, we like the idea of working together but without distractions. Therefore, we have developed our version, customized for all employees, researchers, and students at Malmö University.

The basic principle of the Hoffice-method is 45 minutes of work, 15-minute break. We recommend you to use a timer to keep track of time.

During the 45 minutes of work, you do not disturb others in the room. Phone calls are taken outside, and if you need to ask a question or say something you send an email or wait until the 15-minute break.


Before each 45-minute shift, you need to formulate a goal. Choose a task that needs to be done during the shift and stick to it. At the beginning of the work shift, everyone chares with the group what they intend to work one – to say it out loud makes it easier to remember your goal. If you are a big group it is enough just to tell the people next to you. If you are alone, write down your goal on a paper. 


Taking breaks is important for you to be able to keep focused during the entire workday. To be able to disconnect from work, each Hoffice-break is initiated with an approximately 5 minutes “active” break – e.g. stretching, meditation, a game or a short walk. Followed by a 10-minute break where you, for example, can have coffee or answer texts. 

Here you will find some of Storm’s favorite breaks.

We recommend that someone is in charge of each break – meaning that someone in the group takes responsibility for choosing and leading the 5-minute activity that initiates the break. Either the same person can be in charge of all the breaks or you can share the responsibility between different people.

Join Hoffice at STORM!

Once a month we’re having a Hoffice-day at Storm again! You work in silence with your ordinary tasks and you set your own goals. We will have joined breaks throughout the dat. You are welcome to participate for the whole day or just for a couple of hours. 

Dates 2022
24 Mars
21 April
26 Maj

Workshop – Hoffice

The Hoffice- method is also applicable for working in groups. Maybe you are working on an operational plan, writing a common application or something else where you need to discuss and cooperate. Use the same method of 45 minutes of work and a 15-minute break, but formulate common goals for the work shift.

It might also be a good idea to mix quiet work shifts with workshops during a Hoffice day. You can, for example, use the first two work shifts to agree one the content of the report and who is going to be responsible for each part. Thereafter you work in silence and end the day with a common work shift –  where you see how far you have come and make plans for the upcoming work.