Furnishing suggestions

Furnishing suggestions

Different seatings and props can help you create an atmosphere that feels secure, as well as increase the participants creativity and productivity. When planning your activity it is therefore important that you think about what atmosphere you wish to create and what tools you have at your disposal. 

Below are some examples on how you can furnish Stora Storm to your liking. Please remember to account for the time and people to set everything up before, and to clean up after your activity.

Workshop seating plan

For bigger groups, furnish the room with six tables. Let four of the tables have the same coloured chairs, and the other two have mixed colours. The two tables with mixed colours allow for active exchange and a breakdown of groups. 

For smaller groups, furnish the room with four tables and a circle of chairs in the middle. This seating allows for focused work in smaller groups and offers a meeting point for all participants.

Picture of a seating plan for a workshop with many participants
Picture of a seating plan for a smaller workshop

Movie, Wifi or circle seating plan

Traditional seating plan with chairs in rows or in a U-shape, like a Wifi-symbol. Why not one colour per row? These seating are perfect for panel discussions or presentations.

Are you in the need of a conversation where everyone can participate? Place the chairs in a circle. A conversation where you can see everyone creates a sense of participation and a good conversational climate.

Picture of a Wifi-seating plan
Picture of a traditional movie seating

The + seating plan

This seating plan is great when you want to create dynamics between smaller groups and individuals. By being seated in organized chaos around a plus-shaped table you can turn in different directions depending on what competence you seek.

Picture of a plus seating

Do you have any questions or wish to discuss furnishing or seating plans to create a creative situation? Contact us at storm@mau.se