Creative breaks

Creative breaks

Taking a break from our work tasks is something that many of us easily forget and when we do, we easily end up by the coffee machine talking to a colleague about something work-related. But a break can be just as important and creative as the main activity itself!

At Storm we, therefore, promote creative breaks – breaks where you disconnect from work, at the same time as you take care of other human needs such as your body and soul.

Creative breaks can be implemented both individually and in groups and there are different breaks for different occasions. By planning for a creative break in connection with a meeting, a workshop or a lecture, you as a facilitator, shows that you want a more creative atmosphere and that you value the well-being of the other participants. Below, you will find a list of Storm’s 10 favourite break activities. 

We have also put together a Youtube playlist with creative breaks suitable for a creative workday!

1 – Creative Fika

Why not offer something different during the mandatory Fika. One of our favourite breaks is to let the participants themselves prepare their Fika, e.g. a cup-cake, or a crispbread with odd ingredients. This will be a guaranteed success! 

2 – Yoga on the chair

Youtube has a large selection of guided videos for stretch exercises and yoga, many which do not require more space than the chair you are already sitting on. Storm recommends this one!

3 – Walk backwards

Walk backwards a few laps around the table or the room you are in. This requires focus, which distracts your thoughts from your work tasks.

4 – Keep your distance (Suitable for larger groups)

Each participant quietly chooses two people in the room to relate to. At a given signal, everyone in the room should start moving and at the same time try to keep an equal distance to both the people they have chosen. The activity is often done in silence with music in the background. Note that the activity requires a bigger room to be able to move around unhindered.

5 – Count to 20

Let the participants form a circle and close their eyes. The goal of the activity is for the participants to count to 20 without breaking any of the rules set. Rules: Participants are not allowed to say a number at the same time as another participant, the participants may only say one number at a time, and the enumeration must be randomly conducted. When a rule is broken, the group needs to start all over. It is harder than you might think to get to 20! The break can be shortened by letting the participants count to 10 or 15 instead. 

6 – Dagens dikt (Today’s poem)

Sit comfortably and let yourself disappear for 5 minutes while listening to “Dagens dikt” on P1. Listen to the latest reading or find your favourite poet, writer or musician in the well-stocked archive.

7 – Break gymnastics

Pump up the energy after a long time of sitting still with a 5-minute gymnastics routine. In our break collection, there are a number of different routines, focusing on agility, stretching or fitness. Here is one of our favourites!

8 – The spark (Suitable for larger groups)

“The spark” is a handshake that goes from one hand to another. The activity begins with all participants standing in a circle, holding each other’s hands and closing their eyes. The person who begins start by pressing the hand of the person to the right and the group then let the spark wander between each other for a couple of laps. The activity can be varied by changing the direction of the spark or sending several sparks at the same time. These small variations can help to create a more cheerful atmosphere in the room. The circle may never be broken during the duration of the activity. 

9 – Tankar för dagen (Thoughts for the day)

Put your own thoughts aside and let someone else think for you. Listen to P1:s “Tankar för dagen”!

10 – Meditation

Choose a quiet place without distractions. Let the guided meditation play through a loudspeaker if you are a large group, or on your headphones, if you are sitting alone. There are different types of meditations depending on the purpose of the break – a relaxing exercise is a nice end to the afternoon, while this one, focused on concentration is well suited as an introduction or break during the working day.