About Storm

What is Storm?

At Storm Innovation Hub we work to promote innovation, cross-disciplinary collaboration and utilization at Malmö University.

We are a resource to everyone at the university and offers a tailor-made environment designed for exploration, collaboration and networking. The Storm team encourage re-thinking and creativity and challenge and guides you in the planning phase and concept development process of your project or activity.

Our mission is to promote an innovative work environment for students, researchers and employees and to make sure that the knowledge created at Malmö University creates an impact on our society.

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Our offer

At Storm, we work to promote value-creating processes that have a positive impact on our society. We do this by offering a creative environment, inspiration, method support and collaboration and networking opportunities, as well as by offering support in the utilization of innovations and innovative projects at Malmö University.

Creative environment

  • An easily accessible and permissive environment that is re-designed  according to your needs
  • Flexible projection surfaces with high-quality lighting and sound
  • Digital tools that enable live streaming and video meetings
  • Exercises and materials for workshops and creative and efficient meetings
  • Support in furnishing and concept development for various activities and events

Method support

We offer method support within:

  • Idea generation
  • Problem-solving
  • Process management 
  • Concept development
  • Meeting structure
  • Needs analysis 
  • Innovation processes


  • We provide insight into what is happening at Malmö University in the field of innovation and utilization. 
  • We create events focused on innovation and creativity
  • We challenge you to streamline and open up your idea processes

Network & collaboration 

  • We create events where people with different competencies and functions meet
  • We help you when there is an idea you wish to bring to life or a cross-disciplinary collaboration idea you wish to develop
  • We act as a hub for the various innovation arenas at Malmö University
  • We offer support and methods for various networking and collaboration events and activities

Highlighting results

  • We help you reach out through digital channels with your research, project or idea
  • We create events that add value to your presentation, seminar or dissertation defence
  • We help you to present your work in a way tailored to your target group
  • We highlight innovation and creative projects or ideas at Malmö University

If you have any questions about how we work or what kind of support we can offer, please contact us!

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