Webinar: Trademark as protection of your intellectual research assets

As a researcher, you create intangible assets that, properly managed, can be very valuable. By protecting them, it is clearer for partners and financiers to understand and manage them.

This spring, we at MaU Innovation received more questions than usual from research groups on how to protect their intellectual property rights when patenting is not possible. Therefore, we decided to arrange a webinar together with Christin Wendel at PRV on these matters.

Jonas Christensen, Assoc Prof from Malmö University, Faculty of Health and Society, Dept of Soc Work, also participates. He has many years of experience as a researcher and Project coordinator in trademark protection and talks about how it has increased his opportunities for collaborations and financing.

At PRV’s web you will find more background information plus a couple of examples on successful management of intangible assets at Swedish universities. We hope that later this autumn an example from MaU will be shown regarding trademark protection of research.

– Introduction to intangible assets and intellectual property rights – Christin Wendel, PRV, followed by discussion
– Trademarks – Christin Wendel, PRV, followed by discussion
– Break 15 min
– To use trademarks (and other intellectual property rights) for increased impact and control over programs and methods – Jonas Christensen followed by a discussion with PRV and MaU Innovation

A warm welcome
Moderator Erica Toft, MaU Innovation

Support from MaU Innovation
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