Stormathon – Spring 2021

There is a lot of knowledge created within the walls of Malmö University. But how do we make sure that it leaves a lasting impact, and contributes to a better society?

On April 15, Stormathon was arranged at Malmö University – this time as an all-digital event. During 10 intense hours, 16 students from 16 different programs and courses, divided into 4 groups, worked together to solve a case from the collaboration platform Västra Hamnen –  Have it all. With the help from student coaches, well trained in the innovation process, the students got a chance to practice their innovation and problem-solving abilities, as well as collaborating with people outside of their field. At the end of the day, they pitched their results in front of a jury and one team was awarded a special prize.

The Stormathon innovation day was a great success thanks to a great commitment from the students, and Västra Hamnen – Have it all. The digital set-up was an advantage, during the circumstances, as it allowed for students to participate from wherever they were situated at the moment. With students spread all over the world, this enabled a greater range of participating students and the chance for the students to broaden their network.

At Storm, we believe in learning by doing, and even if compressing the innovation process to 10 hours was a challenge, it also allowed for the students to get a taste of the different steps and try out several tools for ideation and presentation. The ideas presented at the end of the day showed a wide range and were a great example of how much knowledge and creativity that exists at Malmö University. 

Natalie Gullbing, Franziska Fink, Seja Ali and Stella Kamwasir, were awarded the best idea with their concept Car-Free-Fridays! A concept which would reduce the number of cars in Västra Hamnen by offering an alternative, more sustainable transportation for free, on Fridays. Their idea aims to reduce the environmental impact and the long car cues, while still allowing for everyone to experience Västra Hamnen, without a negative effect on the mobility, environment and the economy.