Hoffice at Storm

Welcome to set up office at Storm! Bring your laptop and get started on that to-do-list in a distraction-free zone.

Inspired by the concept Hoffice, the day will be split into 45-minute silent working sessions with energizing breaks in-between. At the beginning of each session, everyone tells the group what they’re going to work on, and at the end of each session we check in with each other to see what we managed to get done.

We guarantee that you will end the day having accomplished even more than you planned for – without feeling drained of energy!

For Malmö University staff and students.

Upcoming Hoffice-days:

Thursday 29/8 
Thursday 26/9
Thursday 24/10 (At Niagara! NIC0541 – K3 studio)
Thursday 14/11
Thursday 12/12

The first work session starts at 09:00
but feel free to arrive and leave whenever
during the day.

More information about our Hoffice-method here!

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